Prestwick Drug-Fragment Library

a unique set of Compounds Dedicated To Fragment based drug discovery (FBDD)

The Prestwick Drug-Fragment Library is a collection of compounds arising from smart fragmentation of 1565 off-patent approved drugs. Each compound was carefully “cut” in relevant fragments considering realistic bond disconnection and having functional groups for potential interactions. The process was performed manually by skilled medicinal chemists and let to a set of 2000 unique fragments. Finally the well-established “rule of three” filter was applied giving rise to 2 library subsets:

  • Ro3 compliant Prestwick Drug-Fragment Library (984 compounds)
  • Beyond Ro3 Prestwick Drug-Fragment Library (1016 compounds)

This approach enhances your chance of assembling drug-like starting points for optimization programs with a complete flexibility (more information here).

Example of drug-fragment generation:


  • Biological fragment screening
  • NMR studies
  • Crystallization and XRay

How provided?

  • As dry powder starting at 10 mg
  • Standard packaging in amber glass vials or customer vials
  • With cherry-picking possibility
  • A regular quality control ensures high purity compounds

A database ready for use:

The database is supplied in three formats (SDF, DB, XLS).
A file containing names and structures may be required on request prior purchasing.

This chemical screening library is sold with "no strings attached" (i.e. no royalties or milestones are requested).