Prestwick Chemical Library®

A Recognized Smart Chemical Screening Library

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  • A unique collection of 1280 small molecules, 95% approved drugs (FDA, EMA and other agencies)
  • Designed to increase potential "high-quality" hits
  • Selected by a team of medicinal chemists and pharmacists for high chemical and pharmacological diversity, as well as for known bioavailability and safety in humans
  • A constant quality control ensures high purity compounds and stability of compounds
  • Over the past 17 years, “hit-likeness” and “hit-workability” were reported by users  in > 350 publications

  • Provided in DMSO at 10 mM (from 100 µL up to 1 mL) or powder with cherry-picking option

PCL® 100 uL in two presentations

PCL® PremiumPCL® Full Premium
Formulation1280 molecules1280 molecules
Format10 mM in DMSO10 mM in DMSO
Stability5 years at -20°C5 years at -20°C
Quantity100 µL / compound100 µL / compound
DatabaseVirtual file and USB key
(Excel®, sdf, rdf, db, pdf)
Virtual file and USB key

(Excel®, sdf, rdf, db, pdf)

 Example: clonidine

Plate and plate map
96 well plates (Greiner)* 96 or 384 well plates
* special mapping possibility
Hit follow-up
(Expert Med Chem
Not includedFREE Med Chem assistance:
Hit classification
into chemical families / series
and analog search
Hit Re-supplyNot includedFREE: up to 20 compounds

FROM 9400  USD (US price) / 9400 € (RoW)
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