Custom Synthesis Services

Compounds on request

Prestwick Chemical has more than 15 years of experience in custom chemistry services and is recognized worldwide for its capacity to meet customer requirements. Prestwick Chemical chemists are particularly expert in synthesis presenting some degree of complexity i.e. multi-step synthesis or synthesis associated with sophisticated methodology.

Typical compound requested:

  • Reagents and building blocks
  • Advanced intermediates
  • Reference compounds
  • New analogues for SAR studies
  • Metabolites / Contaminants


  • From milligram up to multi-grams


  • Purity > 95%; up to 98%
  • Certificate of analysis delivered

High experience in:

  • Multi-step organic synthesis
  • Stereospecific synthesis
  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • High-degree of complexity synthesis


  • Existing methodologies (from customer or literature)
  • Specific chemical routes designed at Prestwick

Free and rapid quote under request including:

  • Feasibility
  • Fixed price or FTE basis
  • Delivery time

Best effort guaranteed

Success rate > 98%